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Diabetes & Back Pain

Dear Carolanne and Tom,                                                                                        February 22, 2014

I remember that you had a book of testimonials from people who have had relief from using the Migun Bed and I wanted to add my story to your list.  I had been suffering for a year from my C-7 vertebrae falling out of alignment.  Initially this would happen every couple of weeks and I would take heavy strength Ibuprofen and curtail my activity until the pain subsided.  The attacks became more frequent and I could not determine what was triggering them.  I started going to a chiropractor and kept taking the Ibuprofen to ease the pain.  The alignment was effectual for a week to ten days but the pain would reoccur randomly and it was this randomness that really put my life “on hold”.  When the pain would strike I would be rendered incapable of any activity.  I would sit for hours just trying to get comfortable and not jar my neck. At night I was sleeping fitfully through these attacks as well.  I sought help from a physical therapist for ways to keep my neck in alignment with limited success.  I was continuing with my regimen of Ibuprofen and chiropractic visits when I visited you at your store in May of 2013.

What a fortuitous break that was for me.  I tried the Migun bed at your store with only the thought of a feel good back massage.  But following the afternoon session and one again the next morning my neck and back felt better than they had in some time.  I had none of the residual soreness in my neck that I was usual for me.  I was hopeful but not entirely convinced until I had used the bed at your sister’s house once a week for six weeks.  I had not a single attack in that whole period and to this date have not a single incidence of the pain that had so immobilized me.  Nor a single dose of Ibuprofen either!

Since buying my own bed from you in July 2013 I find that I need to use it only once a week or so to keep my back and neck in alignment. I use it more frequently than that, of course, because it feels so good.  And since using it I have experienced another benefit that I had not anticipated.  I read in the literature that came with the bed about preliminary studies by Univ. of Cal Irvine, that using the Migun bed lowers blood sugar levels.  This was of great interest to me because I have diabetes and have my blood sugar mostly under control with medications, diet and exercise.  My A1C level was still hovering slightly above the recommended level so I did a home test for seven days testing my sugar levels just before and after using the Migun.  In every instance my levels dropped 25-40 points(home test readings are different from A1 C readings).  This result was evident when I had my next A1C test (a three month measure of average sugar levels) and it showed my number to be below 7.0.  This lowering of the A1C number has allowed me to drop one of my diabetes medications and I am thrilled.  My endocrinologist was impressed too.  Wouldn’t it be great if Migun beds could be by prescription for preventative health benefits!

I believe in the oriental maxim that the suppleness of the spine is an indicator of youth and thanks to regular use of the Migun bed I have found a measure of comfort, relief and that youthfulness!  And I have a holistic way of keeping my blood sugar levels in check.  Thank you, again, for introducing me to the Marvelous Migun.




I have a son, Jamal 25 years old with Autism. I came to Migun for a service with Marcia. She asked if I thought Jamal would like to get on the Migun bed. It’s a 30 minutes session do you think he would lay on the bed?  I said I don’t think he’ll stay on it that long, because of his extreme hyperactivity. She said let’s try so we did. He did the 30 minute program without getting up once and then did a second 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe it! I was blown away! Marcia gave me the flyer on the bed. I went home and researched the Migun Bed online. That night Jamal slept all night long without getting up once. He never does that typically he’s up 3-4 times a night. He slept until 8 am the next morning. Usually he’s at my bed by 6 am. The next night the same thing. The next day we came back to Migun and Jamal got on the bed again and stayed for another hour. He carried the Migun flyer around with him at home. At that point I decided to purchase a bed. When I mentioned to Tom at Migun that I wanted to buy a bed he suggested that I get a prescription. Jamal and I see a chiropractor regularly. He was commenting on how calm Jamal was at his office. He was waiting without jumping all around. I told him about the bed. He had been to Migun before and said he would be happy to write a prescription, because he could see a dramatic change in Jamal’s demeanor. We have our Migun Bed at home now. Jamal continues to sleep all night. He’s calmed down so much. He often asks to get on the bed. He has a routine using the bed in the morning and then again at night. He’s lost some weight too. We don’t know if it’s because of the bed or not. He always obsessed about food.  Saying chicken eat hamburger eat. He’s not doing that anymore.  Before we got our bed I gave Jamal a choice to either go to Migun and get on the bed or go to Bojangles. He chose Migun over Bojangles! Which is unheard of for Jamal!

This has been so amazing for ME. He’s better, but I am better too. I get to sleep through the night and I’m not constantly being asked about food. That drove me crazy!! I used to say please stop, Jamal! His obsessive behavior has stopped. My friends call me on the phone and can’t believe that they can’t hear him constantly asking me about food while I’m trying to talk. I tell them he’s not doing that anymore.

Sherry Johnson

May, 2013





To: Carolanne

Date: Friday, July 29


I have been on total disability since 1986 and finally in my search for alternative treatments for my MS symptoms located the Migun store in Charlotte. After being on the bed in their store for one day the next day I returned to purchase the bed so I can use it daily in my home. I have been seen by chiropractors and doctors for years and have miraculous result since being on this bed daily. Instead of going to the chiropractor many times per month I now go maybe every 6 weeks and sometimes don't even require an adjustment. My MS doctor can see very remarkable changes in me so much so I don't need his care anymore. He said I am doing much better than any other of his patients but I refuse to take any of the meds he advises. I only do alternative medicine to control my medical condition. By only drinking alkaline water and being on the Migun bed daily he has made a remarkable change to my health. I feel so blessed to have found something that makes such a positive improvement to my life and it has no side effects.






I am a physical therapist who does a one hour hands-on treatment focusing on finding the source of the patient's pain.  I found Migun through a friend, and from the first time I lay on the bed, I was impressed. I have NEVER found anything that can offer the kind of total body relaxation as well as sacral and spinal mobilization as these beds.  I have found that putting my patients on one of these beds prior to treatment has greatly facilitated what I do. By the time they finish a half hour on the bed, they are thoroughly relaxed, and their body is primed for be structurally adjusted. WOW  thanks MIGUN!

Hope Allen P.


Carolanne & Tom,
have Fibromyalgia, a widespread pain and tenderness that varies in intensity and location. For years I have been prescribed medications, and nothing helped to relieve my pain, until my friends introduced me to Migun of Charlotte!  Finally a pain management system that works...really works! Being able to try it out numerous times "free" in their showroom allowed me to make a decision in a non-pressure environment! Now that I own my Migun I can get immediate pain relief anytime in my own home! It's great...I love it! 


Deborah Rosser

Charlotte, North Carolina

Wow- what a bed! My daughter and I wandered into the store wondering what Migun was. Now we know- a wonderful massage bed. We have been getting massages for about one month now. Within two weeks my sore back was much better. I have done more in the last two weeks then I’ve done in two months. I can now get off the Migun bed by myself, before I needed help getting up. I bought the mini mat for home use. So nice, that helps too.

We are drinking the Alkaline- Ionized water also. We are drinking more water than ever. It tastes so good.

We have arranged our small house to make a place for a Migun bed. We would love to have a Migun bed for daily use.

                                                                            Karen and Mary Hatley


I was introduced to Migun several months ago and using the table has considerably improved my overall general health.  I am now sleeping 8 hours a night instead of 4-5 hours which I had been doing for years.  My first visit to the doctor after using Migun revealed my blood pressure had lowered 12 points.  The range of motion in my neck was limited due to an auto accident years ago and this has greatly improved.  Thanks Tom and Carolanne.  I feel like a new person!

Linda Jones

Indianland, SC


Tom and Carolanne,


Thank you so much for introducing me to the Migun Bed. I have been using it for only a few weeks and the results are truly amazing. I have no more back pain and I have gained more energy than ever! I recommend this bed to everyone!


Best Wishes,

David del Valle

Charlotte, NC

Carolanne and Tom,

    “I first visited Migun in Charlotte on the recommendation of a business colleague. He had been using the Migun bed for a week or two and was reporting huge improvements in the condition of his upper back and shoulder area which had been damaged in a bad car crash a couple of years ago. I have suffered from lower back pain for years and always have to do stretching exercises in the morning. On top of that I have and neck and shoulder issues due to being sat in front of a computer for too many hours per day!

    The attraction of a free massage was too good to resist, so I tried it out and after a half hour session felt immediate relief in my shoulders and lower neck area. The experience of the jade stones running up and down the sides of my spine was a little uncomfortable, but the after effects made it well worthwhile.

    I have been continuing to visit the store 2 or 3 times per week for about two months now and can feel a big difference in my overall flexibility. The biggest example of the difference can be seen in my golf game. I play and practice a lot and in the past would find that even 20 minutes of putting practice would have a bad effect on my lower back. I would normally be forced to stop due to the discomfort. Now I can literally stay out there for a couple of hours (the members at Raintree will testify to this obsessiveness!!) and feel no pain whatsoever. It is truly remarkable.

    I have also had a history of discomfort and pain in the base of my thumbs due to tissue damage (probably due to practicing too much!) and since using the far infrared hand machine, that pain has virtually gone away.

    Although I don’t really comprehend all the technology behind the Migun system, I am sure that continued use will help me to feel the freedom of a pain free back. It’s not something that will provide a cure for your ailments and once cured you can stop, but a regular program of sessions in my opinion does a world of good.

    On top of that, the initial discomfort of the jade stones has gone away as my body has got used to the sensations”


Thanks again,

David Reid

Charlotte, NC


My youngest son is working in the D.C. area for a large firm and is constantly under pressure to meet deadlines.  At 32, Jud was experiencing abdominal pain that really was crippling.  Numerous doctors who examined him failed to resolve the issue.  Yoga helped somewhat.  But when there are stressful situations, stress wins that battle.  Enter Migun's mini mat.  It has been a lifesaver for Jud.  It manages to almost instantly de-stress him.  Regardless of what has gone on during the day, twenty minutes on the mini mat alleviates his pain, clears his mind, and allows him to have a life.  When he visits us in Richmond, he immediately heads for the Migun bed.  Both he and his twin brother have learned that Migun has produced a product that helps erase the discomfort from stress, return balance to the body and peace of mind. 


Nancy P.

Feb, 2013


THANK YOU TOM!  Judson called me to also say thank you to you.    


I had two small, rough, itchy red patches on my face for a week.  No matter what I tried. They would not go away.  On night I put a small amount of Coesam on them.  The next morning they were gone.   The skin was smooth and completely normal.  No more itching, flaking or redness. What a great product!


Elaine Connors

Charlotte, NC


Thanks to Tom & Carolanne Gooley I am able to use my right hand again.


The story behind the problem with my right hand started with a growing pain, stiffness, fingers turning into a fist, 3 large hard growths (about the size of a lima bean) the base of the 3rd and 4th fingers, 11 hard pea size knots across the palm of my hand in a double row and 4 hard pea size knots at the base of my thumb.  My doctor told me there was nothing that could be done to help my hand.     He said there is some research studies that are working on a cure for this problem but as of yet he could not help me.  One day a friend of mine suggested MIGUN to see if that would help ease the pain in my hand, back and hips from my arthritis and osteoporosis.  On July 30, 2009 I went to Migun store and was very warmly received and was given information on what MIGUN was all about.  The massage beds are wonderful and they definitely helped my back.  The best surprise for me was the Hand Machine (“Skin Five”) and it didn’t happen right away but over a few weeks of going 5 days a week I noticed a change in my hand.   I have been going there over 3 months and today I only have 5 knots left and 3 of them are getting softer.  My bent fingers are now straight, painless and usable.  Today I feel great and am enjoying being pain free and I’m able to do so many things that I enjoy.


Sydnia Jefferson

Weddington, NC


I have been using the Migun massage bed for a couple months, on the average of 3 times a week. Very quickly after starting the massages, I noticed a major improvement in how I feel overall.  I have much fewer body aches & headaches, and have even lost around 7 lbs.  Using the bed is so enjoyable and relaxing, I would want to continue it even if I didn't see specific changes.  I'm actually looking forward to my next medical checkup to find out how my blood test results have also improved. 


Thanks so much!!

Charlotte, NC

On rare occasions, I will have trouble falling asleep due to aches and restlessness in my legs.  One evening, after trying different remedies to help me fall asleep, my husband suggested I lay on the Migun bed.  After using the 15 minute program, I got back in bed, and within a couple of minutes I was fast asleep and stayed asleep through the night.  I was amazed how immediate the relief came


Margaret Portal

Charlotte, NC


My husband and I are the proud owners of Migun of Charlotte.  I first visited a Migun Center in August 2008 where I over heard everyone talking about some of the amazing results they experienced from using Migun’s thermal massage system.  From eliminating crippling pain, to reducing stress and sometimes even weight loss, I heard some life changing stories. 


We purchased a bed shortly thereafter.  The Migun bed has cured my chronic shoulder pain. I have also seen a drastic increase in my energy level especially during exercise and my cholesterol dropped 5% over the past year.


It’s great! Our Migun Center has become a place of healing and community. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this free far infrared thermal massage. Our Center is open Tuesday through Saturday. You can come almost every day to see what Migun’s thermal massage system does for you.


Carolanne Gooley

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