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Introducing a cleaner that
Hates dirt and loves people


Chemical-Free Cleaning Technology

    Clean without chemicals 

    Sanitizes and kills more than 99.9% of common bacteria. Kills or removes E-Coli, H1N1 (Swine flu), Staph & more

    Portable, rechargeable, on-demand

    Cleans glass, stainless, countertops stone, marble, granite, wood, tile, floors, tubs, showers, sinks, carpet spots and much more

   Convenient and easy-to-use

For more information visit: http://activeion.com         


Price: $179.99

Order Yours Today - 704-540-4848

Watch Active Ion video

Bill Nye - "The Science Guy" video

Hospitals using Active Ion

Flat rate shipping in continental US - $8.00
Total cost outside No. Carolina with shipping - $187.99
North Carolina residents - Call (704)-540-4848 

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