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Is it really FREE to use a Migun Thermal Massage Bed?
YES! It really is free... In fact, upon your first visit to our center, you will receive a 30-Day Free Membership Card which entitles you to unlimited visits throughout the next 30 calendar days. If you wish, you may visit twice a day providing you wait at least 4 hours between sessions.

Come in anytime during our business hours to experience one of our Migun Thermal Massage Systems - no appointments necessary. Feel free to bring your friends or relatives!  You may also demonstrate any of our other amazing alternative health care products.

Why is it FREE to use MIGUN?
With so many health related products being advertised today, we believe a person needs time to evaluate just how MIGUN helps in a complete non-pressure environment - with absolutely no obligation to buy the product - ever!  We believe in the power of our products and we want you to experience their amazing results.  We want everyone to be able to give Migun a thorough "test drive" because we believe in our product's ability to help people achieve beautiful health and well being.

What happens after I've completed my FREE 30-Day trial?
We simply charge $5 per session; we also have various pre-paid membership programs such as $40 for 10 sessions or $50 for an unlimited number of sessions for a 30 day period.

Referrals    -  Referrals and word-of-mouth mean everything to us!  Your improved well being, new found joy and total satisfaction are the best possible way we can reach others.  Please tell anyone and everyone you know about us.  Your referrals are greatly appreciated and will enable us to continue to serve everyone for a long time to come.

 What do I wear?      

You can wear whatever is comfortable for you while at Migun, no special clothing is required.  You may be more comfortable if you wear or bring socks.

Do I need an appointment?
NO, but you do need a brief orientation.   You may visit us any time throughout the day for orientations during our operating hours and one hour prior to closing. Please allow about one hour total time for your first visit.

Do I need to bring anything special to Migun? 
YES!  Please bring a large bath or beach towel (a single twin sheet works great).   Towels are mandatory for 
health reasons. If you don’t have towels, please come anyway and we’ll let you use our towels. (for $1.00 suggested donation which goes to the Charity of the month.)

Can my doctor write a prescription for Migun?
YES!  As an FDA approved multi-funcional physical therapy table and medical device with a 510k class 2 designation*, the use and/or purchase of a HY7000 does not require a prescription from a physician.  However, if a client gets a prescription from a doctor or chiropractor, the purchase may be exempt from state and local sales tax and may also qualify as a deductible medical expense for Federal taxes (see your accountant for details and IRS guidelines).  Some of the conditions Migun users report relief from:  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, planters fasciitis, sciatica, irritable bowel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, chronic sinus infections, and the list goes on. 

Can you use Migun more than once a day?
YES!  As long as you give yourself at least four hours between treatments, Migun can be used multiple times in one day.  Most users feel that Migun should be used twice a day for maximum benefit. 

Is the bed safe for everyone?
NO, some people will be unable to use the Migun bed due to specific medical conditions; other conditions require a doctor’s approval prior to using Migun. Women who are pregnant are advised not to use Migun.  Also, people with a pacemaker or Internal Cardiac Device ("ICD"), severe osteoporosis, steel rods/pins or who have had major surgery in the past 6 months should consult with a physician to determine if Migun is appropriate. Just give us a call at (704)540-4848, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

What is Far Infrared?
Far Infrared is a part of the natural light spectrum.  We receive Far Infrared Heat naturally every day from the sun!  Far Infrared is actually the radiant heat that you feel from the sun, especially when you’re walking on a sandy beach.  Far Infrared is what a pet in a window sill is soaking up, looking so cozy on a spring afternoon.  Far Infrared resonates on the same frequency as our very own cells, so it actually helps speed up the healing process in the body. 

What are negative ions?  (And why are they good for me?)
Negative Ions are negatively charged air particles that your body wants to breathe!  Clean fresh air is negatively charged – you find it at places we like to vacation, such as mountains, beaches, waterfalls, national parklands, etc.… These happy air molecules help support your immune system and your respiratory system.  However, most indoor spaces and even outdoor spaces in urban areas are almost all positive ions, which are not so good for you.  Things such as power lines, heavy equipment, and car emissions create a lot of positive ions which contribute to asthma, allergies and other chronic sinus and respiratory conditions.  Migun Mini-mats and Healthy Mats are a great solution to urban air!

Is the Mini-mat just a big heating pad?

NO!  The Migun Mini-mat provides Far Infrared Heat that penetrates an inch to 1.5 inches into your tissues to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and alleviate soreness in the muscles and tissues.  Heating pads just heat the surface of your skin!  The Migun Mini-mat ALSO ionizes the air and blocks harmful electromagnetic waves so that you can use it for hours without harm to your body.


Are Migun mats (mini-mats and healthy mats) safe to sleep on overnight?

YES!  Migun's mats block harmful electromagnetic waves and are safe to sleep on overnight. 


What is healthy about the Healthy Mat?

All things electrical (including our mats) produce harmful electromagnetic waves, but our healthy mat BLOCKS those waves to create a ‘bubble of health’ around you.  And, like our mini-mats, the Healthy Mat ionizes the air and gives you Far Infrared heat to help with circulation and pain relief.


What is the minimum age to use the Migun bed?
Patrons at our center must be at least 16 years of age; under 18 require written parental consent. There is no age limit for using Migun's Far Infrared Mats.

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