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Product List     

1. Migun Bed - HY-7000U

2. HY Bed -7000UM 

3. Mini-mat -

4. Mini-mat DUO  

5. Mini-wrap Pad 



6.   HY-777

7.   Ionized Alkaline Water & Water Systems



     FDA Approved Class II Medical Device **
Approved Class II Medical Device **

Migun Bed HY-7000U


Features of HY-7000

        5-Way Jade Massage Heads

        Lower Body 5-Way Jade Massage Heads

        Hand-Held 2-Way Jade Massage Projector

        Hand-Held 15-Way Jade Massage Projector

        Connector Cables Safely Grouped on Back

        User-Friendly Remote Control

        7 different massage modes

        Easy Maintenance


HY 7000 U Specifications

        Length:  6.56 feet

        Width:  2.30 feet

        Height:  1.39 feet

        Weight:  149.69 pounds

        Operating Temperature:  104 - 140 degrees (F)

        Power Consumption: 110v 269W maximum

Price: $3,495


Migun Bed HY-7000UM

How the best got even better!


Introducing Migun's thermal massage bed masterpiece: The all-new HY-7000UM. With eight different modes of massage, plus the unlimited possibilities provided from the manual hand-held experience, Migun's HY-7000UM presents everything you need to feel rejuvenated, revitalized and completely relaxed.

     FDA Approved Class II Medical Device **
Approved Class II Medical Device **

Features of HY-7000UM

        Bigger Size, Bigger Comfort

        5-Way Jade Massage Heads

        Lower Body 5-Way Jade Massage Heads

        Hand-Held 2-Way Jade Massage Projector

        Hand-Held 15-Way Jade Massage Projector

        Connector Cables Safely Grouped on Back

        User-Friendly Remote Control

        8 Different Massage modes

        Easy Maintenance


HY 7000 UM Specifications

        Length:  6.58 feet

        Width:  2.25 feet

        Height:  1.42 feet

        Weight:  165 pounds

        Operating Temperature:  104 - 140 degrees (F)

        Power Consumption: 110v 269W maximum


Price:  $ 3,995


Mini Mat - (MG - 3600)

Sleep is a very important element in maintaining our health.

Introducing our latest in healthy living products, the Migun Mini Mat is the next step in bringing natural health into your home. Constructed with eight durable layers, the Healthy Mat creates a healthful atmosphere for your home by producing negative ions, generating far infrared rays, and completely neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves.


Features of the Mat:

  • New "100 Year Old Stone"
  • Negative Ions
  • Far Infrared Rays
  • No Harmful Electromagnetic Waves
  • Dual-Side Temperature Control
  • Stays Cool During Hot Months


        Voltage: 120V/60Hz

        Size: 20.5” X 42.5”

        Weight: 11.9 lbs/ea

        Temperature range: 86F ~ 158F

Price*: $395


Migun Mini-mat DUO 


The MG-3300 Mini-Mat Duo has finally arrived!  The Mini-Mat Duo is an integration of the patented thermal jade head and our very popular MG-3600 Mini-Mat.  The Duo emits far infrared rays and negative ions, is protected from electro-magnetic waves, and heats up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.  It also features 24k gold-plated 2 way thermal jade heads for deeper far-infrared treatment.  It is designed to help people with prostate or urinary problems, and can also be used to help with problems such as erectile dysfunction and hemorrhoids.


        Voltage: 120V/60Hz

        Size: 18.5” X 18.5”

        Weight: 9.9 lbs/ea

        Temperature range: 86F ~ 158F


 Price*: $595


Migun Mini Wrap Pad (MG-3100)

The new Migun Mini-wrap pad offers the same great value you’ve come to expect from the Migun mat series (far infrared heat therapy, negative ion therapy using 100-year-old-stone patented technology, and electromagnetic interference blocking) with enormous versatility for use on those hard-to-pinpoint problem areas.  Wrap it around your shoulders to soothe muscles and relieve chronic stress in the neck/upper shoulders; wrap around a shoulder before or after golf or other sports activities; wrap it around a sore knee, ankle, or elbow; wrap it around your lower back after a long day of sitting, standing or walking.  Increased circulation and decreased stress = a happier, healthier you!



        Voltage: 120V/60Hz

        Size: 9” X 25”

        Weight: 2 lbs/ea

        Temperature range: 86F ~ 140F

Price: $279 


Migun HY-777


The HY-777 is therapeutic massage device that can be enjoyed everywhere. It has a remote control that can be plugged into any household outlet. An ideal partnership of East Asian medicine philosophy and modern technological advancements, the 15-Way Jade Massage Head utilizes far infrared rays, heat therapy and acupuncture to rejuvenate your body.  It is a portable unit, and you can carry it in your luggage to travel or give the gift of health on special occasions. The device can be directly applied to desired areas, such as around the shoulders, waist, abdomen, knee or leg to bring fast relief to muscle pains in specific areas.  


           Migun’s patented far infrared ray technology allows heat energy to enter as deep as 4-5 cm into the body, increasing blood circulation, the lymphatic system, metabolism and boosting the immune system.


           For maximum efficiency, Migun opted to use jade as a medium for the probes because of the mineral’s unique ability to emit infrared rays 30 percent quicker while warming up than any other viable source.


           The built-in heating function, the final but definitely not the least ingredient in the HY-777, effectively relaxes the stiff body by using heat to stretch the soft tissues around the spine and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.


           Migun Bed owners can use the Remote only to operate existing 15-way or 2-way External Jade sets without your Migun bed.

Retail Price - Remote and 15-way Jade Head - $455

Remote only - $250

Coesam Soap

Organic Rose Hip Oil comes from the AP4 variety of Rose Hips. It is obtained organically through Coesam plantations located in Cabrero, Chile. Sun exposure, environmental stress, lifestyle and injury can all result in damage and unnecessary, premature aging of the skin. Rose hip oil is the perfect antidote. This unique oil is a power house of nutrients and essential fatty acids that play a vital role in the regeneration process of our skin cells and the repair of damaged tissues. Rose hip oil is an ultra-fine oil that absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breathe as it works, helping reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and pigmentation.  Thereby restores the skin's moisture balance.


Body and Skin Care





organic rose hip oil

Coesam Soap comes from a modern formula that cleans and moisturizes your skin, thanks to its high content of Vitamin C and Rose Hip Oil. This will help your skin look healthy and silky providing a soft and vital appearance.





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