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 FDA 510K Class II Medical Device

The Migun HY7000UM and HY7000U have U.S. FDA approval as a multi-functional physical therapy table*The Migun product line is patented and thoroughly tested in 42 countries around the world.  There is ongoing long-term research being done in hospitals in Korea, China, Japan and in the United States at the University of California, Irvine.  It is a revolutionary product in therapeutic health, priced reasonably enough to be marketed to individuals and small businesses. Most such health enhancement products have traditionally been limited to use in hospitals and therapy units only.  As an FDA approved 510k class 2 medical device* , the purchase of a HY7000 does not require a prescription from a physician. However, if a client seeks a prescription for the HY7000, the purchase may be exempt from state and local sales tax and may also qualify as a deductible medical expense for Federal taxes (see your accountant for details and IRS guidelines).  The HY7000 also has approved CPT billing codes for professionals.

 * Individual results and benefits may vary. The intended use of this product is to provide muscle relaxation therapy by delivering heat and soothing massage. Any other benefits were not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Articles and Research 

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